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  2. This phone number is connected to a Christian Sebastian Melucci. He is a fraud of a man who ripped off several other cases (at least 15 from what I heard about). DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. He is a (not very brilliant, coward) impostor. The place (from what I know) in which he works in is in Malmö. He works with contracts and transactions. I pity him for taking advantage of peoples happiness. He is what is wrong with this world. I will make sure his face will be seen all over and I WANT TO INFORM ANYONE WHO HAS CONTACT with this man to stay away from him. Because we did not know, and we fell for it. Stay safe.
    This is his face
    Al, 24 aug 2016 22.59.49
  3. Det stämmer inte
    Martin, 21 aug 2016 15.05.15

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